About G&G Veteran Services

Disabled Veterans

G&G Veteran Benefits Services has partnered up with former VA Disability Raters to provide services to active duty members, veterans and their families relating to all matters involving veterans benefits and entitlements.

G&G Veterans Benefit Services, is an organization that provides consultancy services to all United States military veterans and active duty members. The company has relationships with former rating specialists, decision review officers, medical professionals and VA claims agents. Our extensive experience combined with expert medical knowledge sets us apart from other organizations. Our goal is to assist veterans by making them aware of the facilities and disability benefits they are entitled.

G&G’s expert medical knowledge combined with subject matter law consultants allows us to successfully work with clients who have complex veteran benefit cases and sets us apart from other organizations advertising similar services.

If you have received a decision from the Department of Veteran Affairs and are not satisfied with the determination, G&G can help align you with the right claims agent to assist you with filing a reconsideration or an appeal of the decision. Our expertise and familiarity with the decision review system helps us to maximize the benefits that you, as a veteran and your family are rightfully entitled.

You fought for us, we’ll fight for you!

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